How to Make Your Pizza Crust Crispy

Pizza crust can make or break a pizza. Some people prefer a doughy pizza crust while other prefer a crispier crust. I personally love a crispy crust. You can achieve a crispy pizza crust even when you are making homemade pizza.

Things You’ll Need:

• olive oil
• hot oven
• pizza crust


Step 1

Pick out your pizza crust. You can make it from scratch or use your favorite pre-made crust from the grocery store.

Step 2

Line your bottom wire rack of your oven with aluminum foil. This will help keep your oven clean while baking your pizza. Pre-heat your pizza to 450 degrees.

Step 3

Brush olive oil on your pizza crust. This can be done with a cooking brush or even with a paper towel doused with the oil. Put a thin coating on the crust until it has an even shine. Don’t forget the sides if you have a thicker type crust.

Step 4

Put the pizza crust in the oven directly on the top rack for about three to four minutes. You don’t want to over crisp it so check it frequently. It should be slightly browned and slightly crisp. Ideally it should be a quarter of the way baked.

Step 5

Carefully remove the crisped crust from your oven. Using oven mits, gently slide it on a pizza pan. Place the pan on your counter or the top of your oven.

Step 6

Put your pizza toppings on your pizza starting with the sauce. Once all your desired toppings are on the pizza, carefully slide the pizza off of the pan on to your oven rack.


Step 7

At this point, you can either leave the oven at 450 degrees or turn it down to 425 degrees. Baking it at the higher temperature will produce the crispest crust and bake it the fastest. Baking it at the lower temperature will still produce a crips crust, but it will give the toppings more time to brown.

Step 8

When your pizza is fully baked, carefully remove it from the oven by once again sliding on to your pizza pan. Cut and enjoy your crispy pizza!