Dessert for Breakfast | Kaitlin With Honey

First things first: I need to invest in a foam roller.I never understood the point or appeal of foam rollers until I started running on a regular basis. I sure get it now! My muscles are sore and tight in a way they have never been from my other workouts. Eeesh. Even though I have definitely caught the running bug, I was physically grateful to have today’s training be run-free. I also had to cut it ten minutes short in order to get myself fully prepared to fly out tonight, and I wasn’t complaining about that, either!I came home and made a really different smoothie from the norm. It was very exciting! (The little things, remember?) I mean, for starters, it was pink!This sounds so lame (…probably because it is…), but I’ve been aiming for a pink smoothie for a while now. That’s why my recent brown (or brown-ish) smoothies have been so very disappointing. Food just tastes better when it looks pretty.Not that this smoothie needed any help. It was ridiculously good. It took me forever to figure out what it reminded me of, but eventually I realized it basically tasted like dessert – a raspberry mousse!


Raspberry Mousse Smoothie

Into the mix went:3 ice cubesbig handful fresh baby spinach1/2 scoop Jay Robb’s Vanilla Whey Protein Powder1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk1/8 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt1/2 frozen banana1 cup fresh raspberries (I actually measured this out, for once)~ a couple drops almond extract (I would use more next time and call it a Raspberry Almond Smoothie… ahh, things to come!)On top:drizzle (~1/2 tbs) coconut butterhandful Cinnamon PuffinsI love it when kitchen experiments go so very, very right! The only reason I wouldn’t make this all the time is that it’s a fairly expensive smoothie; one cup of raspberries is actually about $2 in itself.Anyway, lunch and snack today were a total finish-the-fridge foods, but everything was awesome.

For lunch, I made another serving of my Hummoney Mustard Tuna Salad (no changes).I also had half of the leftovers from last night’s green & yellow wax beans on the side, served cold.The plan was to eat other other half of them tonight, but I’m not really feeling them anymore. I might be a little bean-ed out.And, of course, I had the requisite fruit. I brought two little plums but I only ate one. The other was shared with Lauren.Food tastes better when it’s shared, too. Unless it’s carob chips.Or flaxseed chips.Or shredded oats.Then, you’re on your own.


Snack was EPIC. I brought in the remainders of last night’s sweet potato fries and broiled them in the toaster oven for about five minutes. I dipped the hot fries in some chilled nonfat plain greek yogurt and flaxseed almond butter.So. Freaking. Good.Plus, I’m completely satiated, which is a good thing because I don’t think I’m going to have the chance to eat until 9:00pm or so.